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Kongsberg NanoAvionics

Vilnius, Lithuania


Kongsberg NanoAvionics is a smallsat bus manufacturer and mission integrator currently based in four locations across the USA, UK and Lithuania.

The company's efforts are focused on enabling critical satellite functions and optimizing their hardware, launch and satellite operation costs by providing end-to-end small satellite solutions - ranging from single missions to constellations.

Its core engineering team has implemented over 120 successful satellite missions and commercial projects during the past several years.

With modularity as the fundamental principle of NanoAvionics systems' architecture, NanoAvionics provides economic viability to a wide range of small satellite constellation-based missions, businesses, and organizations worldwide.

The video below is a presentation by a representative of NanoAvionics from the 2021 satsearch webinar; a guide to adopting thrusters on small satellite missions. For more information about the webinar, and to see footage of the entire event, please click here

Kongsberg NanoAvionics

Vilnius, Lithuania


  • SmallSat thrusters webinar presentation(1.28 MB)

Contact information

Mokslininku str. 2A, Vilnius, LT-08412 - Lithuania

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Last updated: 2023-02-28