Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies - IRCA SPA

Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy


Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies (IRCA S.p.A) is an Italian manufacturer of flexible heaters for space applications since 1992. The products are qualified according to ESA specifications ESCC 4009/002 and 4009/004.

Flexible heaters, designed and manufactured at Zoppas Industries, are integrated on small to large satellites, pressurized modules, launch vehicles, as well as on Ground Stations and within Ground Testing Equipment. They are typically used for thermal balancing of structures or optical elements subject to sub-zero temperatures, moisture removal in manned environments, fluidity maintenance for mechanisms and propulsion or cooling systems, thermal management of electronic and power units, and snow melting for ground-based antennas.

Zoppas Industries has a global presence and extensive experience in numerous applications. The group has developed a portfolio of skills and technologies to support the development of smart heating solutions in a wide range of sectors, from consumers to industrial customers.

In all business sectors, Zoppas Industries works to find the best setup and customization to develop the client product platforms. Their process is built on listening, discussing, and collaborating with their customers and partners. The design engineers strive to find the best compromise between customer demands and other constraints.

The passion for research and innovation drives the company and its key area of activity is sustainability. Sustainability lies at the heart of the company's mission and its approach to the value chain. This includes a laser focus on energy consumption and an objective to achieve full recyclability of products and components.

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies - IRCA SPA

Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy

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Via Podgora 26, Vittorio Veneto (TV), 31029 - Italy

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