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Since its inception, SODERN has been a source of solutions based on innovation and has developed its cutting edge expertise. The company’s products are now relied upon in competitive markets worldwide, with a wide range of applications involving the extremely small (neutrons) to the infinitely large (Outer Space).

The company is the worldwide manufacturer and provider of attitude sensors (star trackers, earth sensors, etc.) and has also developed extensive expertise on Space Instrumentation (Earth Observation, onboard Scientific Instrumentation, etc.).

SODERN has also spent several years developing instruments to detect dangerous or illicit materials concealed in luggage (e.g. explosives or narcotics) or buried underneath the ground(e.g. mines, chemical weapons), by using a neutron interrogation technology.

SODERN is constantly advancing its innovation and technology to higher levels to meet its customers’ needs. In recent years it has received three awards: The Aviation Week Award (2005; HYDRA Star Tracker), the Civil Defence Technological Innovation Trophy (2007; EURITRACK) and the NASA Achievement Award (2007; CALIPSO).


  • Franck Poirrier
  • CEO
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