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Address: LaunchLab Hammandshand Road

City: Stellenbosch

Country: South Africa

Postcode: 7600



The passion that initially turns ideas into action defines the culture of our company. At CubeSpace, we try to make our passion for innovation, space, and control systems part of everything we do. We design, build, test and support innovative, quality, miniaturized satellite components with a strong focus on control systems. Seeing ourselves as partners not suppliers, we pride ourselves on good craftsmanship, flexibility and adaptability with our offerings, and solid customer support. We believe we are contributing to an industry that opens the door to space for all young engineers and scientists. By providing easy-to use, robust, and intuitive products that can be trusted, we strive to contribute significantly to the technological advancement of mankind.


Mike-Alec Kearney


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Last updated: 2019-08-08