The CP400.85 processing platform is a high computing power, low energy consumption, general purpose processing platform on the footprint of only 20 x 50 mm. The Linux-based operating system allows users to run various algorithms as distinct, uploadable applications, enabling almost limitless flexibility.

Using the optional storage module, users can store up to 7.5 Gb of data in reliable, radiation tolerant storage, and can optionally store over 64 GB of bulk data on two SD-cards.

Depending on the carrier board (supplied separately), the module can be used as a powerful payload processor, or as a general purpose on-board computer.

Key features

  • Processor: ARMv7-A
  • Linux-based operating system
  • Optional: Companion board with up to 7.5 Gb of radiation tolerant storage and over 64 GB of bulk data storage

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Last updated: 2023-10-19

CP400.85 Payload Processor Module



7 g
10 mm
50 mm
20 mm
3.1 to 5 V (3.3 V typ.)
power consumption
550 mW (1000 mW peak)
processor type
processor clock
500 MHz
512 MB
flash memory
512 MB
operating temperature
-45 to 85 C
radiation tolerance
> 25 krad


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