The AAC Clyde Space PHOTON solar panels are designed for maximum power generation and ease of platform integration, as used by our own missions. Available in a variety of configurations, the PHOTON solar panels are designed to be compatible with AAC Clyde Space ZAPHOD structure range.The side solar panels are designed to fit at the side panels of our CubeSat structures, to provide optimized power generation from any side of the satellite. From body mounted only to triple deployed solar panels, we utilise the latest manufacturing techniques to deliver highly reliable, low-mass, high density, power generation solutions. These are designed to fit within the majority of cubesat deployment mechanisms.

Universally featuring 30.7% efficient Spectrolab XTJ-Prime solar cells, PHOTON solar panels are constructed using a cost-effective combination of FR4 substrates, either alone or combined with a specially developed lightweight aluminium support structure depending on the size of deployable array required. This product leverages decades of on-orbit heritage and proven deployment mechanisms. The panels are constructed from low out-gassing materials and are supplied staked and head-locked for flight. Each array is designed to be compliant with applicable NASA GEVS vibration testing and receives illumination testing and thermal cycling prior to shipment. Each Photon product comes packaged in protective container, suitable for storage before final integration.


This range makes use of decades of on-orbit heritage and deployments to ensure a consistently performing products which utilisethe latest in mechanical design techniques.


Supporting 3U to 12U form factors the PHOTON range offers body, single, double and triple deployment options. Temperature and coarse sun sensors included. Propriety low profile and robust reliable design with lightweight aluminium framing.


Our solar panel solutions are some of the most flown in history with an unparalleled track record in orbit. With PCB Substrate with space-grade Kapton coverlay and Spectrolab XTJPrime solar cells as standard. Restowable during testing with redundant hold down release mechanism.

Custom solar arrays available upon request. Compatible with AAC Clyde Space ZAPHOD Structures, meeting ISS Crewed Flight design requirements when combined.

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Last updated: 2023-10-19

Photon Solar Panels (3U - 12U)



operating temperature
-40 to 80 C
330 g
power generated
< 9 W

1. 3U configuration


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