The PULSAR-TMTC is a compact telemetry and command radio designed for nanosatellite missions, compatible with the CubeSat standard with a CubeSat kit PC/104 form factor.

The transceivers are ideal for space missions where a low data–rate uplink and downlink is required as well as a robust lower data-rate back-up radio for a higher data-rate radio. The AX.25 protocol implemented is popular among amateur radio enthusiasts. A transparent downlink mode is available with a CCSDS compatible 1⁄2 rate convolutional encoder.

PULSAR-TMTC implements 9600 bps GMSK and 1200 bps AFSK and operates in full-duplex (VHF/UHF) or half-duplex (UHF) mode. A combination of AFSK and GMSK is configurable for transmit and receive. These modes are selected as an I2C command and the default mode will be selected if a reset occurs. The default mode can be requested at time of production. The transceiver offers transmit and receive frequencies covering both amateur and commercial bands.


With VHF uplink, UHF downlink (or UHF uplink & downlink) serving both commercial and amateur frequencies. Full-duplex (or half-duplex for UHF uplink/downlink).


With 9600 bps GMSK and 1200 bps AFSK data rates. Transmit output power adjustable from 27 to 33 dBm. Implements AX.25 protocol encoding/decoding with transparent mode with optional convolutional encoder. With DTMF backdoor, low-power Flash-based FPGA.


Featuring a beacon and DTMF backdoor, the PULSAR-TMTC offers unparalleled reliability in flight.

The AFSK does not operate in full-duplex mode exclusively. PULSAR-TMTC offer transmit frequencies in the amateur and commercial bands.

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Last updated: 2023-10-19

Pulsar TMTC



power consumption
3 to 5.5 W
transmit power
27 to 33 dBm
transmit frequency
400 — 420 MHz (commercial)
430 — 440 MHz (amateur)
receive frequency
140 to 150 MHz
transmit data rate
9.6 kb/s GMSK
1.2 kb/s AFSK
-117 dBm (VUTRX)
-115 dBm (UTRX)
96 mm
90 mm
16.51 mm
< 100 g
3.3 V
5 V

1. Height from top of enclosure to lowest component on bottom


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