Our AAC Clyde Space engineered ZAPHOD structure range, 1U to 12U form factors, is one of the most light weight, adaptable and user friendly available on the market. Implementing user-definable locating elements, the structure can accommodate several avionic and payload configurations enabling a high-level of customization without the need for expensive redesign. Complying with NASA's General Environmental Verification Standard (GEVS) requirements each structure is fitted with anodized rails and deployment switches, all proven on orbit. Available OTS with a choice of shear panel or standard cut-out pattern, the structures can be customized, including bespoke cut-outs and deployable panels.

Our lightweight structure solutions have been designed specifically with adaptability and ease of integration in mind. The ZAPHOD structure range simplifies modification and can be assembled around the avionics stack and payload, increasing accessibility during integration and test. Mounting holes are provided for a variety of stack and payload configurations.


  • Aluminium 7075 & 6082 used for primary structures
  • All other materials comply with typical outgassing requirements
  • Designed and qualified to NASA GEVS, 14.1gRMS
  • Four deployment switches, two on the -Z end plate and two on the rails


Compatible with all rail-deployers. Deployment switches ensure this range is compatible with manned flights and ISS compatible.


Designed with a high level of modularity, supporting even the most bespoke payload configuration. Lightweight, qualified design which maximizes internal volume. With ease of access during integration and customizable internal stack layout.


Offering 1U, 2U, 3U & 6U form factors the ZAPHOD structure range offers scalability in your mission requirements.

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Last updated: 2024-03-13

ZAPHOD 3U Structure



100 mm
100 mm
340.5 mm
394 g
temperature range
-40 to 80 C


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