The AAC Clyde Space ZAPHOD 6U Structure is a lightweight, adaptable, and user-friendly structure with a variety of customization options. The structure is fitted with deployment switches and anodized rails, and complies with NASA's General Environmental Verification Standard (GEVS) requirements.

The products are available off-the-shelf with a choice of shear panel or standard cut-out pattern. Structures may then be customized according to mission requirements, with modification options including deployable panels and bespoke cut-outs.

The structures have been extensively tested and are qualified to work according to all major launch vehicle standards. They are also flight-proven and are designed to offer a high degree of modularity, supporting bespoke payload configurations to meet challenging mission requirements.

Key features

  • Compatible with all rail-deployers
  • Compliant with NASA’s General Environmental Verification Standard (GEVS)
  • Designed to maximize internal volume
  • Compliant with CubeSat design specification
  • ISS-compatible
  • Deployment switches to ensure compatibility with manned flights
  • Customizable internal stack layout for ease of access during integration

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Last updated: 2023-10-19

ZAPHOD 6U Structure



100 mm
226.3 mm
340.5 mm
674 g
temperature range
-40 to 80 C


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