Acktar™'s Fractal Black™ black coated polyimide film delivers low reflectance and high emissivity across the spectrum from UV thru VIS to SWIR, for straylight suppression.

The key features of the Fractal Black coating include:

  • Essentially zero outgassing
  • Vacuum and thermal—vacuum cycling qualified
  • Operating temperatures from (-)269°C to (+)350°C
  • No particulation
  • A few microns thick
  • Compatible with virtually all substrate materials

Additionally, the key characteristics include:

  • High Adhesion
  • Temperature stability
  • Space Qualified
  • Light Weight
  • Low Reflection
  • REACH ROHS Compliant
  • Low Outgassing: CVCM < 0.001
  • Thickness 5-14µm
  • Completely Inorganic

Fractal Black has been extensively tested and qualified for space applications and is applied in a variety of space programs including, among others:

  • eESA/ NASA James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) – NIRSpec
  • eESA Bepi Colombo
  • eMeteosat Third Generation (MTG) satellites
  • eEnMAP-FSSA satellite

Fractal Black was thoroughly tested and qualified for thermal cycling, thermal vacuum cycling, cryogenic temperature performance, outgassing, space atomic oxygen, reflectance after environmental exposure, adherence. Detailed BRDF data is available for VIS. SWIR, MWIR and LWIR.

Typical applications include:

  • Aerospace, satellites and instruments
  • Passive thermal management
  • Stray light suppression, shielding and light absorption

The shelf life for Fractal Black™ is a minimum of 12 months after the date of shipment, provided that the material is stored in its original unopened container under normal indoor conditions (approximately +20°C / RH50%). The coating chemical content is 100% inorganic and the abrasion resistance is moderate.

Possible delivery formats include:

  • Rolls (width: 200/300mm, length: 10/20/50m)
  • Die-cuts / Kiss-cuts – any shape
  • Optional low outgassing adhesive backing available

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Last updated: 2021-07-14

Fractal Black™ Diffusive Black Coated Polyimide Film



working temperature
long term: -250°C to +250°C
short term: up to +300°C
shelf life
approximately 20°C


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