The Airbus NEMO-2 (Non-volatile Extendable Memory On-board) is a compact solid-state recorder designed for a broad range of space missions. It provides high-end mass memory storage and performance for space missions. NEMO-2 is composed of an assembly of 2 up to 8 identical slices (modules) connected for data exchanges and cross-strapping features. Its architecture is modular and scalable, based on qualified building blocks packaged in slice form factor. In addition to the interfaces, each of the slices is featuring a memory bank of 4Tb and a high-end processing capability built on an advanced rad-tolerant FPGA coupled with a rad-hard processor. It also consists large capacity non-volatile flash memory array composed of the second generation of Airbus qualified flash components. One of its high-performance key features also includes the spacecraft controller on-a-chip (SCOC), which is based on the LEON3 Sparc v8 core.

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Last updated: 2022-04-12



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