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The Alén Space Ground Station Kit (GS-Kit) is a cost-effective solution that includes all the elements needed to set up a gateway to communicate with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

The GS-Kit provides customers with all the necessary elements to install a tracking station for small satellites: structure, antennas, cables, azimuth and elevation rotors, GS control software and Alén Space's SDR rack, a rackable dual Software Defined Radio compatible with GNU Radio, providing flexibility for different missions. It can support simultaneously three different bands: VHF, UHF and S-band.

The GS-Kit is delivered in a box ready to be installed by the user, following the installation manual provided. The kit also includes an operations manual. The ease of assembly makes site survey, training and installation assistance by Alén Space's technicians only needed upon request. The company can provide remote installation support.

The GS-Kit includes the following outdoor equipment:

  • Structure for antennas
  • Azimuth rotator
  • Elevation rotator
  • Antennas (2 yagi and one helix or dish)
  • Cables

The GS-Kit includes the following indoor equipment:

  • Rotor controller
  • SDR rack, connected directly to the outdoor LNAs/LNC
  • Power rack
  • Server rack


The Alén Space Ground Station Kit (GS-Kit) is designed to track LEO satellites.

Key features

  • Antennas: different bands and configurations available
  • Reliable rotors for azimuth and elevation
  • Strong structure with easy assembly
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)
  • Lightning protectors
  • Control and RF coaxial cables (30 m)
  • 19inch rackable units:
    • Ground Station server with SDR and control software
    • Dual GS-SDR with integrated PA
    • Rotors controller
    • Power supply
  • Alén Space GS control software
  • Extra options:
    • DVB-S2 receiver
    • GS-SDR unit for ground testing (GS suitcase)

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Last updated: 2022-08-04

GS-Kit - Ground Station Kit for Low Earth Orbit Satellites




lead time
16 to 18 wk
144 to 146 MHz (VHF, uplink/downlink)
400 to 480 MHz (UHF, uplink)
400 to 402 MHz (UHF, downlink)
430 to 440 MHz (UHF, downlink)
1980 to 2120 MHz (S-band, uplink)
2170 to 2290 MHz (S-band, downlink)


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