TOTEM by Alén Space is a high-performance SDR (Software Defined Radio) platform with flight heritage, developed specifically for small satellites.

The key features of TOTEM include:

  • Proven effectiveness in orbit, with 100% success rate in all its missions to date
  • Ability to integrate interfaces for different frequency bands: UHF, VHF, S-band, L-band, X-band, Ka-band and Ku-band
  • Remote in-flight reconfiguration
  • Immediate integration (plug-and-play) of TOTEM-based payloads with Alén Space's satellite platforms
  • Option to combine in the same payload several applications (SDR, ADS-B, AIS, IoT and SIGINT) with different frequency bands
  • Option to add a high speed DVB-S2 download on the same board

Alén Space's ready-to-fly payloads that can be integrated with the TOTEM SDR include:

  • TOTEM ADS-B: TOTEM ADS-B is Alén Space’s payload for aircraft tracking and air control. The application operates in L-Band at a frequency of 1090 MHz and allows the reception of ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) system communications via satellite.
  • TOTEM AIS: TOTEM AIS can be used for ship monitoring and maritime traffic control. The application, which operates in VHF band, is capable of receiving signals from AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponders and monitoring vessels in areas without land network coverage.
  • TOTEM SIGINT: TOTEM SIGINT is Alén Space’s payload designed to provide Spectrum Monitoring and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) services. It is a versatile application prepared to operate in different frequency bands depending on the type of mission.
  • TOTEM IoT: TOTEM IoT, developed by Alén Space, can be utilized by a wide range of small satellite missions related to Internet of Things (IoT) services and M2M communications, such as smart metering, remote management or industry 4.0, among others.
  • TOTEM SDR: TOTEM SDR is Alén Space’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution, which can be configured and adapted to the requirements of different types of projects. It includes development environment, training and support from the first to the last step.
  • EARTH OBSERVATION: Alén Space can advise customers about the different types of cameras available in the company's partner network that are directly compatible with their platforms and with TOTEM.

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Last updated: 2021-07-09

TOTEM Software Defined Radio (SDR)



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