The Alén Space TRISKEL - CubeSat OBC + TTC + OBSW Solution is an on-board computer, telemetry, tracking, and command hardware, and on-board software system for CubeSats.

TRISKEL is a plug-and-play system, featuring 'always-on' operation and 'no-code' development, that integrates software and hardware without any need for extra configuration.

Mission Control Software (MCS) located on the ground is communicated to using the configurable TRISKEL software.

Key features

  • Packet Utilization Standard (PUS) standard
  • Watchdog for single-event upset (SEU) and software error protection
  • Radiation-shielded PC/104 board with enhanced thermal stability
  • Integrated temperature and current sensors

The core services of the OBSW include:

  • Event reporting, housekeeping, and scheduling
  • Configuration parameter management
  • Real-time forwarding control
  • On-board telemetry storage
  • On-board request sequencing for automation
  • Telecommand execution verification
  • On-board time management, memory management
  • Test services

Additional services of OBSW include

  • Recovery system
  • FDIR for software and hardware
  • TMTC transfer layer
  • Autonomous payload monitoring and data collection
  • PUS-based hardware services to manage platform sub-systems and payloads
  • Filesystem and file transmission protocol


Several forms of customization are available on request.

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Last updated: 2021-10-12

TRISKEL - CubeSat OBC + TTC + OBSW Solution



processor type
Dual ARM Cortex-M7
processor clock
up to 280 MHz
data storage
program: 2 MB (Flash)
data storage: 1 Gb (NAND)
external ram: 8 Mb (MRAM)
internal ram: 640 kB
data interface
2 x I2C
2 x RS-422
2 x UART
2 x RS422/RS485
8 x GPIO
8 x ADC
3 x PWM
operating temperature
-30 to 85 C


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