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MEMS Absolute Pressure Transducer 3 in 1


RLV-TD uses Flush Air Data Systems (FADS) for autonomous flight management. This air data determination technique is based on flow eld pressure measurements using high accuracy pressure transducers. For the same, 1.4 bar Absolute pressure transducers in Triple Mode Redundancy (TMR) logic are realized for FADS which enables the measurement of static pressures & the calculation of air data parameters in flight (M, α, β, q, h & s). Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based pressure transducers are ideal for measurement of pressures with high output and high accuracy. These transducers consists of three sets of pressure cells with associated signal conditioning electronics screened to Class-S level and Accuracy of 100pa was achived by using split range calibration. Succesfully flown in RLV-TD (Re-usable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator).


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Last updated: 2018-07-13