ANYWAVES© GNSS Antenna is a high quality and compact antenna (<1U). Perfectly suited to SmallSat missions, this GNSS antenna is optimized to cover all GNSS frequencies and INMARSAT L-band. ANYWAVES© GNSS Antenna has a hemispherical radiation pattern with an excellent axial ratio (<2dB) and a medium gain (>0.9dBi). This design has a very stable phase center providing a very high accuracy. Materials and processes used for assembly has space heritage. The antenna radome protects from radiations and Electro-Static Discharges for polar orbit missions.

The highlights of this antenna include:

  • Compact size (<1U)
  • All GNSS bands and INMARSAT L-band with a single antenna
  • igh accuracy
  • Quick delivery
  • Only antenna of this type on the market for SmallSats

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Last updated: 2020-10-02

GNSS All-Bands Antenna


130 g
1.16 — 1.61 GHz
90 mm
15 mm
operating temperature
-120 — 120 C
90 mm

1. including radome and connector

2. without connector




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