The ANYWAVES GNSS L1/E1 Band Antenna is a 3D-printed ceramic antenna designed to provide high radiation tolerance in a less than 1U form factor. It has been specifically developed to withstand harsh environments without thermal protection due to construction material selection and solder-less feed system.

Key features

  • Rx
  • Hemispherical coverage
  • Half Power Beam Width (HPBW) = 90°
  • Size < 1U
  • Ceramic 3D printing
  • Resistance to harsh environments

Testing & qualification

The flight model of the product has undergone Acceptance Tests such as RF, Mechanical, Thermal including Return loss, Z-axis random vibration, and Thermal cycling.

Export control

The product is ITAR free.

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Last updated: 2022-05-06

GNSS L1/E1 Band Antenna



86 g ± 2 g (with connector)
width (without connector)
70 mm
length (without connector)
68 mm
height (without connector)
11.1 mm (protruding height: 4.5 mm)
1.563 — 1.587 GHz (L1)
1.559 — 1.591 GHz (E1)
realized gain
> 5.5 dBi at boresight
> 4.3 dBi at ± 30°
> 1.1 dBi at ± 60°
return loss
< -10 dB
axial ratio
< 3 dB from 0° to ± 40° (all planes)
< 5 dB from 0° to ± 80° (all planes)
< 8 dB from 0° to ± 90° (all planes)
antenna directivity
5.8 dBi at boresight
operating temperature
-150 to 150 C
export control


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