The arcsec Twinkle Star Tracker is a CubeSat star tracker designed to offer arc second range pointing accuracy

The core system functions are based on custom algorithms that have been optimized for precision, robustness, and low computational cost.

A built-in baffle is included to reduce the effects of stray light.

The system is also compact, so several Twinkle star trackers can be incorporated in a single satellite, ensuring continuous availability.

Key features

  • Compact system (20x20x40) mm3
  • Designed for high accuracy: 8 arc seconds (1 sigma) cross-boresight, 100 arc seconds (1 sigma) around boresight
  • Update rate up to 2Hz
  • Lost-in-space availability > 99% of the night sky
  • On-board calibration algorithm
  • Autonomous outlier star detection and removal
  • FOV: 10.35° x 10.35°
  • Baffle sun rejection angle of 65°


The system is available in two configurations: the Twinkle FM or the Twinkle EM. This includes an EGSE unit and GUI software package to begin interfacing with the star tracker.

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Last updated: 2023-09-19

Twinkle Star Tracker




update rate
2 Hz
20 mm
40 mm
20 mm
5 V
attitude knowledge about boresight
90 arcsec (1 sigma)
attitude knowledge cross boresight
15 arcsec (1 sigma)
data interface
nominal power consumption
< 1 W
lead time
4 mo


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