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The HRVI-2HD is the latest version of BST high-resolution camera systems. The HRVI-2HD is built around a sophisticated Three Mirror Anastigmat (TMA) and offers 1.92m GSD resolution imagery with a 15km swath. The HRVI-2HD consists of the TMA Telescope and the Sensor and Focus Assembly (SFA) and the Payload Data Processing Unit (PLSU).

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Last updated: 2022-08-01

HRVI-2HD - High Resolution Video Camera



lead time
18 mo
total mass
19 kg
520 mm (including baffle)
780 mm (including baffle)
335 mm (including baffle)
> 100
> 0.1 @ full resolution and across the field
PAN: 1.92 m @ 500 km
MS: 7.68 m @ 500 km
> 14.6 km @ 500 km
spectral band
PAN: 450 nm - 900 nm
Blue: 450 nm - 520 nm
Green: 520 nm - 600 nm
Red: 630 nm - 690 nm
NIR: 750 nm - 900 nm
operating temperature
0 to 30 C
storage temperature
-15 to 35 C
5 years LEO


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