Comet is a launch-safe and cost-effective electrothermal propulsion system that offers the ideal balance of cost and performance. This high-performance propulsion unit uses water as propellant, making the system easy to work with and easy to fuel. Its highly-flexible interface is easy to integrate into your small satellite, regardless of size and form factor, and easy to operate on orbit. Comet has also been optimized for minimal power consumption and short maneuvering times, allowing you to focus more resources on your payload.

  • Non-toxic; safe for humans and for launch vehicles
  • Approved for flight on multiple launch vehicles
  • More thrust with less electrical power than electric thrusters
  • Highly-flexible interface suitable for a wide range of spacecraft sizes
  • Typical schedule is four months from order to delivery

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Last updated: 2022-05-28



typical specific impulse
175 s
17 mN
input voltage range
8 to 34 V


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