The Bradford Space SuperNova PCDU is a power conditioning and distribution unit designed for space applications.

It is suitable for LEO and deep space applications up to 1.5 kW and it is capable of interfacing between 28V nominal Li-Ion batteries, up to 80 V solar array sections, and a set of regulated and/or unregulated loads.

The SuperNova PCDU is capable to operate for a TID up to 30 kRad under a proton-heavy environment. It is designed to be modular in input/output power capability, count and features by the addition of generic modules in a plug-and-play manner.

Key features

  • Best-in-class weight to power ratio optimized for high delta-v missions
  • Modular design for optimal mission-specific performance (scalable input and output)
  • Fully independent online MPPT-based array power regulators to prevent failure propagation and facilitate the choice of solar array section sizes and orientations. DET-based array power regulation on request.
  • Up to 50 A battery charge/discharge current
  • Triple redundant current / voltage charge controller with controllable end-of-charge voltage for reduced battery fading.
  • Redundant under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
  • Umbilical interface for battery trickle-charging incl. battery and bus sense lines.
  • Redundant pulse-command interface for global power-cycling
  • Separation switch interface with 2/3 hardware-based separation logic
  • 3 – 10 A LCL protected regulated and unregulated outputs
  • Extensive internal and external housekeeping


  • Solar array input power from 100 to 1500W.
  • Section array section count starting from 3 and up.
  • Solar array power regulator type (MPPT or DET)
  • Distributed output count, power and voltages

Testing & qualification

  • Vibration/shock: qualified to NASA GEVS levels
  • EMC: qualified to MIL-STD-461
  • Derating rules: ECSS
  • PCB(A) assembly: IPC class 3

Export control

The product is ITAR Free.

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Last updated: 2023-01-19

SuperNova PCDU




< 1 kg (baseline)
60 mm (baseline)
135 mm
120 mm
bus voltage
22 to 34 V (unregulated)
power throughput (in/out)
1500 W (50 A battery current)
data interface
radiation tolerance
30 krad (qualified to 35 krad)
operating temperature
-30 to 60 C
storage temperature
-40 to 70 C
> 5 years in LEO


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