The Dawn Aerospace B1 Thruster is a green chemical propulsion thruster utilized as the central thruster in Dawn’s CubeDrive propulsion modules. It can be also utilized as a modular building block within Dawn's turn-key SatDrive systems.

The B1 thruster can be positioned throughout the spacecraft, in clusters, and at various cant-angles. Its assembly includes the thruster body, valves, and control electronics. With standard data and power interfaces, thrusters are easy to command and operate.

It utilizes green propellants - nitrous oxide (N2O) and propylene (C3H6) - which are self-pressurizing and do not require external pressurant, high-pressure regulators, or mechanical PMDs. The thruster can also operate in both a bi-propellant and cold-gas mode by controlling the spark igniter.

Key features

  • Valves
    Normally-closed solenoid
    Two per thruster
  • Interfaces
    Four 3.2mm holes
  • Ignition
    Spark-based igniter
  • Control
    Operable together or independently
    Select your desired quantity
    Pair with B20 thrusters
  • Firing modes
    Bi-prop & cold-gas. Switch at will. Managed by not engaging the spark-igniter
  • Cold-start capable
    Yes. Highly repeatable

Flight heritage

Dawn Aerospace propulsion systems have flown on all SpaceX Transporter missions to date, Starlink rideshare, and Arianespace’s Vega rideshare.

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Last updated: 2023-04-18

B1 Thruster - Green Chemical Propulsion



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