The Dhruva Space VHF-Band, UHF-Band Ground Station is offered for satellite and ground station operators, both as a stand-alone product and as a service. The VHF, UHF, S & X band stations are equipped with high-gain antennas and SDRs capable of communicating with Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites.

The antenna in VHF band is circular with coaxial dipole feed type and that in UHF band is circular with folded dipole feed type. The radio supports FSK, AFSK, BPSK, FSK-G3RUH, AX.25, and AX.100 modulations.

Dhruva Space has a network of partner ground stations spread across the world.

Key features

  • Real-time satellite tracking
  • Configurable as mobile stations
  • Orbital path prediction
  • High data rate downlink
  • Remote access
  • Integrated space operations & command suite (ISOCS)


The product is customizable upon request.

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Last updated: 2022-04-26

VHF-Band, UHF-Band Ground Station



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