Dragonfly Aerospace's Gecko imager is an easy-to-integrate imaging solution for CubeSat missions. A customizable high-performance mass storage unit is integrated into the compact design. The Gecko imager offers mechanical compatibility with standard CubeSat frames. Image data is captured directly to the integrated mass storage. Data may be streamed out to an on-board computer and downlinked at a lower data rate, as required. Reliable operation is achieved by using a combination of proprietary hardware and space-proven ruggedized optics.

Key features

  • RGB matrix imaging
  • large, integrated, high-speed data storage
  • compact form factor that is optimized for integration with 2U or larger CubeSat frames
  • proven technology with flight heritage (12 delivered, 4 space missions)
  • customizable on-board storage and downlink options
  • mechanical compatibility with standard CubeSat frames

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Last updated: 2022-06-14

Gecko Imager




lead time1
5 to 7 mo
0.4 kg
ground sample distance
39 m @ 500 km
80 km @ 500 km
10 cm
10 cm
6.5 cm
5 V
power consumption
2.6 W (imaging mode)
4.5 W (readout mode)
operating temperature
0 to 30 C
survival temperature
-20 to 70 C
radiation tolerance
30 krad
data storage
128 GB

1. Subject to component delivery delays impacting the industry.


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