The EnduroSat 6U Deployable Solar Array is a deployable, radiation-tolerant CubeSat solar array featuring triple junction solar cells and an integrated magnetorquer.

The system has a redundant burnwire mechanism with feedback which can be configured for deployment on the Z, X, or Y side.

The array's applications include scientific research, Earth Observation (EO), Internet of Things (IoT), communications, and In-orbit Demonstration/Verification (IOD/V).

The solar array is available in different configurations with panels connected in series or in parallel. The product includes a complete user manual, power and data cables, and 1 hour engineering support.

Key features

  • Redundant burnwire mechanism, with feedback for X/Y or Z sides
  • Internal by-pass diode with reverse bias protection
  • Integrated magnetorquer
  • Versatile performance with the ability to arrange panels as needed


Panels may be connected in parallel or in series to suit different system configurations.

Can be provided with integrated sun sensors and gyroscope.

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Last updated: 2023-01-09

6U Deployable Solar Array

28,500 EUR




lead time
4 mo
570 g
19.2 V (typical)
504 mA max
up to 19.2 W in LEO per side
power efficiency
> 29% at EOL


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