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The EnduroSat UHF Transceiver II is a half-duplex communication module with flight heritage. It provides output power customization and multiple modulation schemes with applications for telemetry and telecommand.

The UHF Transceiver II features configurable data rates, which can be changed whilst the satellite is in orbit. The output power can be tuned in order to maximize the link budget depending on orbital altitude, ground station performance and desired minimum elevation angle for communication.

The module has a USB (virtual COM port), which allows the connection of EnduroSat PC software or a third-party terminal program for monitoring and configuration. The module is designed to fit within a CubeSat, but a second module can also be integrated into a ground station to create a complete uplink and downlink communication solution.

UHF Transceiver II is fully encapsulated in an aluminium box, which is designed to dissipate the heat from the power amplifier, to reduce EMC, and to protect the electronics from particle radiation. It is fully compliant with the CubeSat standard.

Key features

  • Telemetry Beacon - configurable AX.25
  • Firmware Updates - Local and remote (in-flight) secured application update
  • Power Amplifier Efficiency - > 70%
  • Frequency Stability - +/- 2.5 ppm
  • Configurable Data Rate - up to 19.2 kbps

Flight heritage

The EnduroSat UHF Transceiver II has achieved flight heritage.

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Last updated: 2023-01-02

UHF Transceiver II

3,500 EUR




lead time
4 mo
94 g
89 ± 0.1 mm
95 ± 0.1 mm
23.2 mm
supply voltage
3.3 V (customizable to 5 V)
transmit power
1 W (customizable to 2 W)
transmit frequency
430 to 440 MHz (amateur)
400 to 403 MHz (commercial)
receive frequency
400 to 403 MHz (commercial)
430 to 440 MHz (amateur)
-121 dBm
2GFSK (default)
data rate
4.8 — 19.6 kb/s configurable
data interface
operating temperature
-40 to 80 C


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