The Everlight Nano/Micro Satellite Solar Array is a solar array consisting of a substrate and a space-grade GaAs solar cell circuit. The solar cell circuit directly converts solar energy into electrical energy to supply power to the satellite. Everlight Space has a range of laminated solar arrays and related assembly equipment offering solar cells reaching up to 30% efficiency.


Suitable for smallsat constellations in Low Earth Orbit(LEO) or Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO), and space science missions.

Key features

  • Space certified
  • FR4 printed board (with PI film) or anodized aluminum substrate
  • 30% efficiency GaAs solar cells
  • Modular design supporting multiple deployment methods
  • Aerospace-grade thermal assembly process 
  • Flexible configuration of high-efficiency solar arrays
  • Fully vertically-integrated manufacturing process


The product is customizable. Everlight's control of the design and manufacturing process allows to provide maximum flexibility to the customers.

Flight heritage

The system has achieved flight heritage and has been part of more than 29 satellites.


Everlight’s solar arrays are manufactured in a 1,200 sq meter assembly area with constant temperature and humidity.

Export control

The product is sold internationally.

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Last updated: 2022-07-01

Nano/Micro Satellite Solar Array



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