The Exobotics XO-BUS 3U is a nanosatellite / CubeSat platform designed for the rapid deployment of space missions. It consists of flight-proven computing, ADCS, power, radios, and navigation systems.

The modular 3U platform is designed to help tackle the most challenging requirements in performance, integration, and operations through a wide range of customizable options. XO-BUS is optimized for testing customer ideas and payloads in space, making it suitable for use in both experimental or technology demonstrations as well as commercial space missions.

Exobotic's payload-agnostic approach enables tight supply chain control and guaranteed delivery within 12 months on the fast-track program.

As an in-house satellite development team, Exobotics is able to offer XO-BUS to customers with any level of experience; with any size of the team, and from any background. Customers also get a wide range of support packages as standard, from engineering support and flatsat testing to payload integration and environmental testing.


  • IoT/M2M systems
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Climate monitoring
  • Weather forecasting
  • Disaster management
  • Urban Planning
  • AIS/ADS systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Communications systems
  • Defense and security
  • Science and technology demonstrations
  • Earth observation (RGB/MS/HS/IR)
  • Constellation services

Key features

  • The XO-BUS range features:
    - Modular platforms from 1U to 27U
    - Integrated flight software
    - Sub-systems with flight heritage
    - Low-cost, reliable, and CubeSat compatible
    - Significant power, mass, and volume availability.
    - State-of-the-art documentation
    - Flatsat test bed and emulator
    - Dedicated project manager and support team
  • With various optional extras:
    - Propulsion, deployable panels, imagers, high-speed radios, AI/ML/edge platforms, and more
    - Ground segment setup, operations, support GSE, launch, and more
    - Payload development services from the concept stage onwards
  • Inclusions:
    - Full documentation incl. CAD models, ICD, and user manual
    - Engineering support
    - Environmental testing
    - Flat sat integration and testing
    - Payload integration
    - Functional testing
    - Shipping to the integration site
    - Launch and operations optional


The XO-BUS 3U is available for use in a rideshare mission configuration or even as part of a complete space as a service package with XO-RIDE.

Flight heritage

The Exobotics XO-BUS 3U Nanosatellite / CubeSat Bus is flight proven with four different missions.

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Last updated: 2023-03-28

XO-BUS 3U Nanosatellite / CubeSat Bus



bus mass
< 2.2 kg
payload mass
< 3.8 kg
payload volume
< 1.5 U
battery capacity
< 75 Wh
payload power
< 25 W
data interface
pointing knowledge
2 deg
pointing accuracy
< 5 deg
position accuracy
< 5 m
velocity accuracy
0.1 m s^-1
slew rate
< 10.0 deg s^-1


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