CarboNIX is a family of separation systems for small satellites. CarboNIX uses a unique shock-free technology to reduce the risk of damaging sensitive satellite optical payloads and electronic components. CarboNIX also uses a unique spring pusher system which separates the satellite before the shocks are generated. This means that all shock forces can only reach the spacecraft by traveling through the linkages, and since shock forces are attenuated by joints and distance, the shock loads that reach the spacecraft are much reduced. In addition, the mechanical linkage system has a separation action up to 7 times longer than competing systems, providing the spacecraft a much gentler separation experience. All these features make CarboNIX the lowest-shock separation system ever used in space.

CarboNIX is also designed and manufactured entirely within Europe, meaning it is not subject to strict export regulations such as ITAR. This reduces the cost and complexity of using CarboNIX, and allows it to fly on any launcher in the world. CarboNIX has been specifically designed to easily adapt to any launch vehicle.

CarboNIX is manufactured using only COTS components. As with all Exolaunch technology, CarboNIX is manufactured in Germany in a facility certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard, which requires regular inspection of the manufacturing and assembly facilities and ensures a stable quality of the final product. These same quality standards are applied to the qualification and acceptance testing processes.

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Last updated: 2021-02-03

CarboNIX - Microsatellite Separation System



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