spaceware™ is a family of high-thrust and flexible electric propulsion systems suited for all mission needs for satellites ranging from 5 kg to 1.000 kg. Whether you are looking to deploy a constellation, change the altitude or inclination of your spacecrafts, perform a RAAN phasing, maintain your orbit or avoid collisions, spaceware™ will meet your needs.

The Exotrail spaceware™ Mini M Thruster is a 400W-class system designed for small satellite platforms.

Its tilt is adjustable towards the center of mass to a wide extent with low thermal influence on the platform.

The thruster consists of multi-propellant capabilities, using either Xenon, Krypton, or Iodine.

Key features

  • Space-proven system with performance demonstrated in orbit
  • Reaches optimal orbit faster than other electric propulsion technologies
  • Delivers high specific impulse of electric propulsion while maintaining very high thrust
  • Adaptable to specific mission profiles with a unique, modular design.
  • Configurable total impulse which can be modified using a different tank form factor

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Last updated: 2024-02-05

spaceware™ Mini M Thruster



dry mass
< 8.6 kg
wet mass
< 17.7 kg
total impulse
< 115 kN s
propellant type


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