spaceware™ is a family of high-thrust and flexible electric propulsion systems suited for all mission needs for satellites ranging from 5 kg to 1.000 kg. Whether you are looking to deploy a constellation, change the altitude or inclination of your spacecrafts, perform a RAAN phasing, maintain your orbit or avoid collisions, spaceware™ will meet your needs.

The Exotrail spaceware™ Nano L Thruster is a 60W-class system designed for satellite platforms ranging between 10 to 80kg.

It utilizes Xenon as a propellant and has a maximum total impulse of 5.4 kNs.

The thruster's tilt is adjustable for CubeSats between 6U and 20U. Its Thruster Control Unit (TCU) can be mounted separately from the thruster body.

Key features

  • Space-proven system with performance demonstrated in orbit
  • Reaches optimal orbit faster than other electric propulsion technologies
  • Delivers high specific impulse of electric propulsion while maintaining very high thrust
  • Adaptable to specific mission profiles with a unique, modular design.
  • Configurable total impulse which can be modified using a different tank form factor

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Last updated: 2024-02-05

spaceware™ Nano L Thruster



dry mass
< 2.7 kg
wet mass
< 3.4 kg
total impulse
< 5.4 kN s
propellant type


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