The General Dynamics KU/KA/X-Band High Rate Transmitter (HRT150) is a Ku-, Ka-, and X-band transmitter using FPGA, ASIC and GaAs MMIC technology.

A TCXO-derived DRO loop acts as an internal frequency carrier source and the system features a solid state power amplifier to support antennas and high power stages.

Key features

  • Suitable for TDRSS or Direct-to-Earth applications
  • Operating in frequency bands Ku, Ka, and X
  • SQPSK Modulation
  • TDRSS KuSAR ground station equipment compatibility
  • DRO/TCXO frequency internal source
  • Forward error-correcting encoders are included
  • 8-parallel convolutional inner code and Reed-Solomon outer code
  • Direct X-band modulation
  • Radiation- and SEU-tolerant
  • Custom analog pre-modulation filtering
  • SMA-F RF output connector
  • Telemetry: temperature, forward power, Voltage, TX on/off, PLL lock


Customizable for frequency bands Ku, Ka, and X.

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Last updated: 2022-02-28

KU/KA/X-Band High Rate Transmitter (HRT150)



< 5.0 lb
8.0 in
6.6 in
3.2 in
data rate
150 Mbps R-1/2 convolutional code only
125 Mbps R-1/2 convolutional plus Reed-Solomon coded
15.0034 GHz
rf power
2 W
forward error correction
Reed Solomon
Convolutional Code
optional code: Near Earth (8158, 7136) Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Code
ground station compatibility


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