The General Dynamics X-Band High Rate Mission Data Transmitter (HRT-440) is an X-band/Ka-band/Ku-band transmitter that uses CCSDS Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) code to maximise the data downlink.

The Shannon theoretical limit for channel capacity is approached by the system performance due to the underlying CCDS LDPC code. SQPSK modulation at the X-band frequency of 8.2 GHz is the standard operation of the system while customization available for Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) operations at Ku-Band or Ka-Band.

ASIC, FPGA and GaAs MMIC technology used in the HRT-440 are space-qualified and radiation-hardened. The product implementation is based on the space-proven design techniques resulting in high reliability and performance.

The system features a low power and level-controlled output which makes it be suitable for driving power amplifiers. For powering the downlink antenna, a 15 Watt solid state power amplifier (SSPA) can also be provided as an option.

Key features

  • SQPSK modulation
  • Optional dual-data rate capability
  • Data rates can be custom ordered
  • Option for Ka Band output
  • Built-in commandable test patterns
  • 223 - 1 PN pattern included
  • Forward Error Correction Coding
  • CCSDS (8160,7136) LDPC
  • Optional Codes - CCSDS Reed-Solomon - Convolutional Encoding
  • Redundant 8-bit parallel LVDS data interfaces
  • Output source clock for synchronous operation
  • Redundant 8-bit Serial Command and Telemetry
  • DRO/TCXO frequency source
  • Internal level controlled output for driving phased-array antenna or high-power amplifier - optional 15 W SSPA available


  • Customizable for Ku-band, Ka-band and X-band outputs.
  • 15 Watt solid state power amplifier (SSPA) can also be provided optionally.
  • Data rates can be custom ordered.

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Last updated: 2022-02-28

X-Band High Rate Mission Data Transmitter (HRT-440)



< 5.0 lb
8.0 in
6.6 in
3.0 in
data rate
up to 440 Mbps Uncoded
up to 384 Mbps (8160,7136) LDPC coded
8.2005 GHz
rf power
10 dBm
forward error correction
(255/223) Reed-Solomon with interleave depth I=1 to 5
Rate ½ Convolutional
(255/223) Reed-Solomon with interleave depth I=1 to 5
ground station compatibility


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