MyPOD is the first of Gran Systems' effort to provide the industry mass-produced cubesat deployers for cubesat constellations. It is currently Nanoracks NRCSD, NRCSD-E, and other rocket compatible, to maximize the size and flexibility of the cubesat deployed, taking advantage of the flight heritage of these series of cubesat deployment. MyPOD is available in 1U, 3U(+), 6U, 12U and customized versions.

MyPOD is currently designed for ground testing operation, for fit check, vibration test, thermal vacuum test, drop test, shock test, and transportation to the system integration and launch sites. It is not only designed as durable and functionally reliable as other cubesat deployers in the industry, but also the first designer POD of the industry that can withstand the brutal testing environment needed for the cubesat mission and also look good for displaying in the university department or company display. The number of screws on MyPOD is minimized to reduce the testing inaccuracy. It is tested for random vibration for more than 10.8g and should withstand more than 13g, shock test, drop tests, and tested for transportation of cubesats (actual, ASTM, ISO). The reason for the name MyPOD is because the team can laser engrave the team logo onto the pod for remembrance of the achievement of launching the mission. Gran Systems is also working on flight qualifying the deployer.

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Last updated: 2020-05-27

Mass-produced Cubesat Deployer MyPOD


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