GUMUSH's n-ART OBCOMMS product is a management and communication unit for use on CubeSats, MicroSats, and other non-standard spacecraft. n-ART OBCOMMS has been designed for CubeSats and NanoSats in order to manage data handling, TLM & TC and to control the other subsystems. n-ART OBCOMMS is a joint subsystem which consists of an On Board Computer (OBC) and a telecommunication system in the same PCB, to reduce required space, mass and power. n-ART OBCOMMS conforms to the PC104 CubeSat form.

n-ART OBCOMMS has different options for Engineering and Flight Models. In addition, n-ART OBCOMMS has several options for communication module usability as beacon or modem.

The first versions of n-ART OBCOMMS are designed and produced by Ertek Space Systems for the QB50 project, for use in CubeSats developed by ITU-USTTL. n-ART OBCOMMS has been qualified in space, achieving heritage through the HAVELSAT (2U), BeEagleSat (2U) and UBAKUSAT (3U) projects.

Some of the key features include:

  • management of satellite software and operation of subsystems and payloads
  • modular design and integrated architecture, allowing for redundancy, multitasking and other capabilities
  • a Real Time Operating System (RTOS), back-up memory units, easy programming

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Last updated: 2021-02-18



~121 g
93.7 mm
91.35 mm
15.15 mm
operating temperature
-20 — 60 C
storage temperature
-30 — 70 C
average power consumption (only OBCOMMS)
0.5 W
maximum power consumption (while open transmitter)
< 3.7 W
3.3 V
data interface
connector type

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