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AIS-MS03 is the latest addition to Honeywell’s range of high-performance multi-mode receiver products for the detection of marine traffic from space. It is a low-power AIS receiver optimized for the highest first pass detection rate.

This latest technology features a direct sampling receiver and is capable of performing simultaneous On-Board Processing (OBP) and raw spectrum capture for On-Ground Processing (OGP) while on-board memory allows storage of data from multiple orbits. This functionality is complemented by the ability to reprogram the equipment in-orbit with the aim of updating its algorithms and improving performance characteristics.

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a terrestrial system designed to locate, identify and track maritime vessels. Digital information transmitted by ships via VHF automatically reports the vessels’ speed, direction, heading and a number of other vessel-specific parameters. By their nature, traditional shore or marine based AIS receivers have a very limited radio range. Satellite-based AIS receivers have the ability to overcome this limitation by covering a much wider area by receiving AIS signals from Low Earth Orbit.

The AIS-MS03 is a two channel, multiple mode S-AIS receiver with built-in memory banks able to store data accumulated across a single orbit (possible multiple orbits). It is designed with specific attention to power and size aiming to address the limited space and reduced battery capacity of small satellites.

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Last updated: 2020-10-15



power consumption1
< 6 W
operating temperature
-10 to 50 C
radiation tolerance
10 krad
1400 g
228 mm
180 mm
41 mm

1. With two channels powered


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