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Ibeos offers state-of-the-art power conversion, management, and distribution assemblies that are suitable for missions from low earth orbit to interplanetary environments. These products are designed for the space environment. They provide tolerance for both single event and total ionizing dose radiation effects with best-in-class efficiency, size, weight, and power. Custom configurations are also available.

Ibeos' 150-Watt SmallSat Electric Power Subsystem (EPS) is a radiation tolerant, flexible peak power tracking solution capable of efficient solar array power conversion and battery charging. The EPS card provides regulated 3.3-Volt, 5-Volt, and 12-Volt power, as well as unregulated battery power through switched and un-switched, current-limited outputs. The system accepts commands and provides telemetry via SPI and I2C interfaces. The EPS includes battery under/over-voltage and over-current protection in addition to a configurable watchdog timer for spacecraft loads.

The key features of this EPS solution include:

  • 50-Watt S/A input, peak power tracker, 3.3-Volt, 5-Volt and 12-Volt outputs, and power distribution functions
  • TID of 30 kRad and SEE survival at LET > 55
  • I2C and SPI command, control, and data handling interfaces
  • Under/over-voltage and over-current protection
  • Two-fault tolerant spacecraft inhibits
  • Configurable spacecraft watchdog timer

This product is available internationally, free of ITAR export controls, and is currently undergoing certification by NASA.

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Last updated: 2022-05-28

14V SmallSat Electric Power System (EPS)



  • CAD model(1.58 MB)
  • Datasheet(341.53 KB)
  • ICD(108.67 KB)
  • Option sheet
  • User manual(2.08 MB)


lead time
2 to 5 mo
140 g
90 mm
90 mm
14.5 mm
operating temperature1
-40 to 105 C
input power
> 150 W
typical quiescent power consumption
1.4 W
total ionizing dose
30 kRad (Si)

1. designed to operate at full power with a 60 deg C interface temperature


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