Ibeos’ Modular Power System (MPS) is a customizable full power subsystem for spacecraft. The MPS is suitable for missions that range from 200 W to 2.5 kW of power. The MPS delivers the functions of a full electrical power subsystem, and includes solar array peak power tracking and conversion, battery charge regulation, low voltage regulated buses, fault protected power distribution switches, and more. The MPS can be customized by adding additional solar array converter sub-assemblies, varying the number of power distribution and switch cards within the chassis, as well as with custom circuit card assemblies for other bus and payload functions.

The MPS is designed to operate through single event effects up to 43 MeV and survive 30 krad TID and may be used for spacecraft operating in LEO, GEO, lunar orbits, lunar surface, and beyond.

The MPS is a configurable assembly, designed with plug and play modules to allow for easy scalability. The MPC is comprised of three subassemblies, each its own circuit card assembly with well-defined functions:

  • Solar Array Interface Module: responsible for power conversion from solar array to regulated battery bus.
  • Power Distribution Module: responsible for low voltage and bus voltage switching.
  • Bus Interface Module: responsible for command and telemetry.

Mission unique modules may be added to add capabilities including, but not limited to:

  • Additional regulated output voltage(s)
  • Custom switched outputs
  • High power propulsion interfaces
  • Sensor interface(s)
  • Motor control

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Last updated: 2021-07-13

Modular Power System



starting at ≤1 kg
4.0 in
3.9 in
4.5 in
operating temperature
-35 to 60 C
radiation tolerance
> 30 krad


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