The IENAI SPACE ATHENA (Adaptable THruster based on Electrospray powered by NAnotechnology) offered by IENAI SPACE is a low power, customizable, next generation on-board electric propulsion system, which can be tailored to spacecraft platform constraints, and specific mission requirements.

Advantages of electrospray compared to other propulsion systems are:

  • High efficiency in the low power class (unlike plasma-based technologies)

  • High thrust-to-power

  • High compactness and low complexity of the system (no pressurization required)

  • Low thermal loads (unlike other technologies that require over 100ºC for start-up)

  • Propellant (ILs) is non-toxic, self-neutralizing and stable in vacuum and at high temperatures

IENAI SPACE is working on one-of-a-kind propulsion systems, for one-of-a-kind space missions, due to the nature of the technology and following IENAI SPACE philosophy of tailoring the thruster to the platform and mission, we allow customization in the total impulse, and both total thrust and power are selectable through our building blocks approach.

IENAI SPACE has recently introduced an in-depth, high-fidelity mission analysis software solution with a focus on space mobility analysis: 360™. Check the full details here.

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Last updated: 2024-03-12

ATHENA™: Low power, high performance, fully customizable propulsion system



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