The IQ Spacecom End-to-End Satellite Communication XLink and AX-60 is a bidirectional communication system in the S-band and X-band frequencies.

The IQ Spacecom X-link is a flight-grade tested transceiver system suitable for communication links in the X- and S-band frequencies for small satellites. The system conforms to the standard CCSDS protocol and, for onboard control and high speed data interfacing, a Gigabit Ethernet is provided.

The IQ Spacecom X- and S-Band Patch Antenna is designed for pico and nano satellite applications, featuring circular polarization and high gain. The Rx and Tx frequency ranges are customizable.

The AX-60 of WORK Microwave is a rack-mount modem unit compatible with the XLink transceiver system. The systems provide a straightforward connection to the IP networks. The end-to-end solution is designed to enable the operators to transmit to and from satellites with increased reliability.

A Ground Converter Unit (GCU) is also offered for ease of integration to the ground segment and connection to the antenna and ground station.

Testing & qualification

The company has a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

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Last updated: 2023-04-17

End-to-End Satellite Communication XLink & AX-60




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