The IQ Spacecom S-Band Patch Antenna is a patch antenna operating in the S-band frequency designed for pico and nano satellites and featuring circular polarization and high gain.

The antenna provides a stable satellite-to-ground communication link and fits in a 1U CubeSat. The circular polarization of the antenna is designed to increase the robustness of the steering accuracy to the ground station antenna.

To facilitate separate Tx and Rx ports, the design could be either single- or dual-patch antennas minimizing the duplex filter requirements.

A robust SMA (female) or UMP connector is used as an RF interface and the antenna is mounted with four screws. The antenna backside is also designed to be properly grounded to the satellite chassis.

ROGERS™ laminate is used as the dielectric, and Cu with a NiAu surface finish is used for the patches and conductors.

Equivalent X-band uplink frequency is also available.


Various designs of different frequencies are available and customer-specific solutions can be provided.

Flight heritage

The system achieved flight heritage in 2012 and has since flown on over 100 international LEO missions, such as the 2013 BEESAT-3 mission. It was also utilized in the 2021 TUBIN mission in association with TU Berlin.

Testing & qualification

The company has a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

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Last updated: 2023-05-09



lead time
3 to 4 mo
49 grams (single)
62 grams (dual)
operating frequency
1.980 to 2.500 GHz
70 mm (single patch)
80 mm (dual patch)
70 mm (single patch)
100 mm (dual patch)
3.4 mm (single patch)
3.4 mm (dual patch)
connector type
SMA (f), UMP


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