The IQ Spacecom XLink-X is an X-Band Transceiver System (SDR) suitable for micro, nano and pico satellites in LEO. The physical dimensions of the system allow it to fit in a 1U CubeSat and standard CCSDS protocols are used to develop the radio interface and radio protocol. The systems are designed to be deliver downlink data rates with high net payload rates.With appropriate FEC encoding schemes, the SDR supports higher order forms of modulation, such as BPSK and QPSK. Data throughput maximization is possible through Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC) schemes.

A standard CCSDS BPSK with BCH coding is used in the satellite receiver (uplink) for telecommand purposes of the satellites. Alternative uplink receivers in the X-band and S-band frequencies are available.

One important feature of the system is the optional availability of two separate Tx channels which can be used to increase the transmit power or redundancy.

Flight heritage

The system achieved flight heritage in 2012 and has since flown on multiple LEO missions. It was utilized in the 2021 target='_blank'TUBIN mission in association with TU Berlin.

Testing & qualification

The company has a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

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Last updated: 2023-04-17



lead time
3 to 5 mo
200 g
< 0.2 U
power consumption
<16 W Tx + Rx,
<4 W Rx-S only, <5.5 W Rx-x
8.025-8.400 GHz (X band Tx operation)
7.145-7.250 GHz (X band Rx operation)
2.120-2.025 GHz (S band Rx operation)
data rate1
500 kbps-100 Mbps (Tx Payload Data)
56 Kb/s (Rx Payload Data)
Upto 256 Kb/s (Rx Payload Data, Optional configuration)
rf power
2 Tx channels up to +27 dBm (Rx Payload Data, combined up to +30 dBm)
Tx Modulation Scheme: BPSK
Tx Modulation Scheme: QPSK
Tx Modulation Scheme: OQPSK
Tx Modulation Scheme: 8PSK
Tx Modulation Scheme: 16PSK
Rx Modulation Scheme: BPSK with BCH coding
forward error correction
Convolutional Code
6 to 18 V
28 V (optional), other on request
communication standard

1. Optional 100 Mb/s+


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