ISIS provides a range of high-performance CubeSat compatible solar panels. When it comes to manipulate and test a CubeSat in a lab environment, handling such sensitive components may represent a risk by exposing the solar cells to dust and possible shocks. The ISIS engineering solar panels aim to provide a similar mechanical and electrical interface at a more affordable price to safely operate the satellite in this conditions. The panels come with integrated sun and temperature sensors to test the sensor interface, calibrate the ADCS system, and cutouts to interface with EGSE.

Ease of use for lab environment testing

PCB panel for flexibility in the design Integrated photodiode SLCD-61N8

Integrated temperature sensor PTS120601B1K00P100

Integrated Omnetics connector Discount available for complete sets

Panel thickness: 1.5 mm

Base material: FR4IMP

Connector: Omnetics A105384 (default)

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Last updated: 2020-05-08



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