The Isobaud IBS249.NEO consists of a phototransistor optically coupled to an AlGaAs infrared-emitting diode in a leadless hermetic surface mount package, specifically screened and qualified for NewSpace, near-Earth orbit, and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) applications.

Key features of the IBS249.NEO include:

  • Hermetic 6-pin LCC package
  • 1500Vdc isolation voltage
  • High CTR
  • Small package outline
  • High reliability and rugged construction
  • High reliability screening available
  • Radiation tolerant
  • Full lot traceability
  • DC input with transistor output
  • Operating temperature range -55°C to +125°C

The IBS249.NEO can be used in the following applications:

  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Computer peripheral interface
  • Motor control
  • Ground signal isolation



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Last updated: 2022-02-16

IBS249.NEO - Radiation-Tolerant Hermetic Optocoupler



6.22 ± 0.25
4.32 ± 0.25
0.20 (maximum)
power dissipation
emitter: 100 mW
detector: 300 mW
operating temperature
-55 to 125 C
storage temperature
-65 to 150 C


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