Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certificate: NEP is the world’s first and only program of curriculum developed by engineering professionals from the KSF Space Foundation that is targeted for universities, startup companies and all of the space industry worldwide to enlighten engineers, teachers and students on construction and development of your very own Nanosatellite. The program will provide essential information on the process from mission development and design all the way to launch and policy regulations. With three major components that are:

  • -How to employ nanosats? (Building a mission)
  • -How to develop a nanosat? (Design and build the system)
  • -How to operate a nanosat? (Operation, end of life, standards)

Benefits of being NEP Certified:
  • Recognizes space engineering skills across the globe: an NEP credential is a perfect addition for all aerospace engineers
  • Enhances SmallSat skills to international employers: an NEP credential will become globally recognized and required—becoming NEP certified helps the aerospace engineering world recognize needed skill sets
  • Reveals the ability to handle challenging complex satellite projects: the NEP exam eligibility criteria are based on a space engineering education and experience. A credential proves these skills and experience by successfully completing challenging and crucial industry-based aerospace and SmallSat projects
  • Each user will have chances for collaborating and networking with other NEP professionals around the world, which can certainly increase the chances of professional success and development.
  • Users be ahead of other NEP professionals, in terms of nanosatellite engineering knowledge as well as its application in the field of nanosatellites.
  • Attaining a NEP Credential, allows the user to reach out to potential employers from across the globe.
  • There will be a great demand for the NEP certified employees. (SatMagazine-2017)

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Last updated: 2021-02-03

NanoSatellite Engineering Professional Certification (NEP)



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