SPACESTAR (Satellite Platform Avionics Computer Embedding Star Tracker Algorithms And Resources) is a novel star tracker architecture, originally developed for a high volume constellation program which, through an integrated configuration to Attitude Control System computers, enables significant size, weight, power and cost benefits. The results of these efficiencies provide the ability to utilize high performance star tracking systems on small satellites that were previously unable to accommodate the size, weight, and power of legacy architectures.

The SPACESTAR star sensor HW is limited to Optical Heads, each hosting the optics, the detector and the small portion of digital electronics needed to operate the detector and perform communication with the PFC.

The SPACESTAR Star Tracker SW is optimised to use the improved computational capability of onboard computers and is designed to match the tight CPU time allocation (sharing resources with all the other satellite Attitude Control System activities), without penalising robustness and reliability of the system. It also introduces additional features for simultaneous management of up to three SPACESTAR Optical Heads per satellite.

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Last updated: 2019-10-15


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