MicroWheel 1000


The MicroWheel is a “smart” sensor/actuator pair. It includes both a reaction wheel, and an optional solid-state angular rate sensor, both of which are operated locally by an embedded microcontroller. The microcontroller implements local speed and torque control loops for the reaction wheel, allowing the reaction wheel to accurately track speed or torque commands from a satellite's attitude control computer. Commands as well as telemetry (e.g., measured wheel speed, momentum, acceleration, torque, rate sensor measurements, temperatures, voltages, internal pressure, etc.) are communicated via a serial interface.


lifetime> 7 yr
torque30 mN m
angular momentum storage1.1 N m s
operating temperaturemin: -30 C, max: 60 C
survival temperaturemin: -35 C, max: 65 C
mass< 1.44 kg
length130 mm
width130 mm
height90 mm
dynamic unbalance< 0.05 mg m^2
static unbalance< 0.5 mg m
angular speedmin: -10000 rpm, max: 10000 rpm
maximum power< 45 W
idle power< 2 W
steady state power< 9 W
voltage28 V



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Last updated: 2018-07-28