MN200􏰁 is a platform with high-performance on remote sensing which is developed by MINOSpace. Based on the mature design of OBDH and attitude control system, it focuses on improving the carrying capacity of the payload and pointing accuracy. The propulsion system can be optional for the stability of attitude and orbit maintenance of the satellite, meeting the requirements of the design life for about 3~5 years.

With the synthetic aperture radar (SAR), the MN200􏰁 satellite can obtain 􏰂[email protected]􏰃􏰄􏰄km ultra-high-resolution ground remote sensing images.

Main feature

◼ Standardized design for platform and adaptive to the requirements of SAR payloads.

◼ Lightweight design for platform, high payload fraction.

◼ Integrated design for electronic equipment, reducing internal interface, reduce the launch mass of satellite.

◼ Short production cycle, and the delivery is about 18 months

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Last updated: 2020-09-14

MN200S Platform



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