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The Mynaric Condor Mk3 is an optical communication terminal suitable for inter-satellite space-space, space-air, space ground connectivity.

The optical communication does not require ITU or FCC frequency coordination. The system by design offers higher reliability, performance, bandwidth, and built-in redundancy with 7+ years lifetime in LEO.

The communication system is secured and optimized for LEO satellite constellations with significant SWAP advantages.

The system is fully compliant with SDA Tranche 1 and Tranche 0 standard. The terminal is designed to have a smaller footprint, lesser mass and lower power consumption.


  • Space-Space communication
  • Space-air communicaiton
  • Space-ground communication
  • Inter-satellite communication
  • LEO Satellite constellations communication
  • Intra-plane and cross-plane communication

Key features

  • Hyper hemispherical Field of Regard (FoR) with fast acquisition time
  • Highly modularized design with Optical System Assembly (OSA) and a separate Electronics Box (EB)
  • Dual configuration controls two OSAs and Quad configuration controls up to four OSAs
  • Reduces power consumption for multiple OSAs versus individual EBs for each terminal
  • Reduces mass when multiple OSAs are required per satellite
  • Configurable Laser Ethernet Terminals (LET), or “modems” that can support a variety of data rates
  • Software configurable gender changer for seamless link configuration across various communication nodes
  • Full duplex, symmetrical, simultaneous transmit and receive
  • Full in-orbit self-calibration
  • Layout and build allow for simplified integration into satellites
  • Adaptable to flat-panel satellite designs
  • Power output and data rate optimized based on customer requirements
  • Designed to withstand high vibration and extended temperature ranges

Export control

ITAR free product.

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Last updated: 2022-04-01




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