The Rafael Ltd PEPT-590 is a 102.5 litre Positive Expulsion Propellant Tank with EPDM-based rubber diaphragm qualified for ADN-based green propellant.

The spherically shaped tank is compatible with Hydrazine, IPA, distilled water, GN2 and GHe and has flight heritage. The pressurant include GN2 and GHe. The silica-free diaphragm allows for multiple cycles of usage with no limitation to the degree of filling.

The propellant tank is made of made of two thin-walled 6Al-4V titanium alloy hemispheres, cylindrical elongation section (if needed) and a diaphragm integrated to a complete system using peripheral Electron Beam Welding (EBW).

The hot-formed and machined hemispheres are designed to enable the incorporation of integral pressurant and propellant ports.

The space qualified tank features a polar mounting. The storage life of the tank is 7 years, and the flight service life is of 15 years.

Key features

  • EPDM-based rubber diaphragm
  • Two thin-walled 6Al-4V titanium alloy hemispheres
  • Cylindrical elongation section (if needed)
  • Qualified for ADN-based green propellant
  • Spherically shaped tank
  • Compatible with fluid media such as Hydrazine, IPA, distilled water, GN2 and GHe
  • Pressurant include GN2, GHe
  • Polar mounting
  • 7 years storage life
  • 15 years flight service life

Flight heritage

The system has achieved flight heritage. Designed and qualified for Galileo IOV, flight heritage with IXV, delivered for Exomars 2020, PRISMA.


Production, testing and inspection facilities:

  • Clean rooms (more than 1000 m²)
    • Clean Room Component Level
    • Clean Room PS-AIT
  • Metal Technology Center
    • CAD/CAM, CNC machining
    • Electro-Erosion
    • Forming, hydro-spinning, deep hot and cold-drawing
    • Surface treatment, heat treatment
    • Welding (EBW, GTAW, GMAW, plasma), brazing
    • Cutting, bending and flaring of titanium tubes
  • Hot Firing test facility which includes 5 Firing Chambers
    • Chambers for 1÷10 N class thrusters
    • Chamber for high-trust thrusters and/or system tests
    • Chamber for Hall effect thruster & EP system firing
  • Ground support equipment for testing components and systems
  • GSE propulsion systems electrical tester

Testing & qualification

Rafael Quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D. The quality policy of Rafael is derived from the common space quality standards, especially from ESA. Rafael ensures 100% inspection on the space products from the raw materials used to final integration. ERP integrated quality system enables full traceability from raw material to the delivered item. Rafael’s quality management system is certified to AS9100C, ISO14001, ISO27001, ISO90003, OHSAS 18001.

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Last updated: 2023-05-03




7.5 kg
586 mm
102.5 L (nominal)
propellant nominal capacity
75 kg
propellant type
isopropyl alcohol
distilled water
operating temperature
4 to 60 C


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